Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Upper Seletar Reservoir with Gromit

Good morning everyone. My owner has gone crazy, going round all these national parks in Singapore. First we went to Lower Peirce Reservoir but the view was 'not nice' according to her, so we had to drive to Upper Seletar Reservoir instead. Duh....

Ehhh...this place is practically deserted. Anyway, this park is near our new home in Sembawang, and guess what? It overlooks the Singapore zoo....if you look close enough you can see the crowd in the zoo right across the reservoir! You can even see the little boat cruises at the zoo.

My master scaled a tower 4-storey high to get me to this height! She huffed and puffed her way through the spiral staircase and almost suffered from heat stroke....( we were here on a real hot day, at about 2 pm).

The view ain't so bad yeah? So much greenery in this part of Singapore. Not such a bad idea, moving to Sembawang... :)

My owner looks stupid with her new short fringe....pah...But i'll give her a kiss to console her...muacks!

And that's the tower that almost killed her....haha...

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